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AMOUR is an abyssal dive into annotated mourn and pain caused by loss and loneliness with utter purpose be the ordaining, uncanny redemption. The title derives by two concepts from Rousseau’s analysis, divided in amour-propre and amour-de-soi both narrated via the catalytic use of rituals. Challenging the natural yet still tabooed ‘quasipseudoschadenfreude’ mechanism –an invented terminology simplified to “almost-like-schadenfreude”, for the unidentified idea initially found in Aristotle’s texts. The concept of “epicaricacy or schadenfreude: joy in others’ misery”, as was broadly apprehended– this body of work has taken many forms in order to arrive at this palimpsest-like database of three intercommunicative languages open to further interpretations embracing all feelings and overcoming static tendencies. The very three stages are transitions of one another in order to create a system of individual outcomes but still connected to the roots. Written, visual and phonic, all merge to construct repetitive, almost sacred sequences of mechanically acted gestures and flashes of memories or illogical actions similar to a distant, dreamlike atmosphere. Built upon influences by personal and non-personal as well as mundane experiences, concluding to the protagonists’s death with the diachronic ideology of the bittersweet applying the literary device deus ex machina in a sarcastic approach contradicting the fast-forwardness and superficiality of the modern society.