Michelle, made to be loved not understood is based on the controversial cartoon and character Betty Boop which has been rather debatable for decades. Fleischer’s overly feminine creation is ultimately associated with sexuality, charm and ‘heart over brains’! She has been described as a feministic and independent figure as well as a good and humble housewife. She has the looks and is delicate! Having been quite the fantasy over the years she was considered to be an uplifting character, directly related to the Depression era, but also has been blamed for the sexual elements and references that the cartoon is well-known for.

On the other side, Michelle has gone through a lot of trouble in her life and yet has conquered. A woman who identifies herself as a ‘woman of pleasure’ and provides services to men in exchange for money. A modest and humble person who followed the profession out of need and fear. She is also independent and dynamic.

This is an investigation treated as the trailhead of a social endeavour in order to document the story of a pariah and then speculate upon it converting it to a scenario. The subtitles(actual interview) come into existence to replace the original cartoon sound which has intentionally been distorted analogising to one another. The 'conversation' that Michelle and Betty Boop are having between them as well as everyone they come across with is a vital juxtaposition in this animation episode which reflects on the sex worker’s routine. It is a non-stop interrogation about her life and the way she lives her life and people’s views and criticism just as it is Boop's.