My Intersex documents the dysphoria that all types of the so-called 'hermaphrodites' (obsolete term) may feel, trying to address the social anxiety that takes form within the broadly mass accepted norms. Exploring the “between gender” through its possible similarities to the ‘male’ and the ‘female’ as they are widely perceived, focusing on the genitals which vary just as any human being's, in size/structure/shape. This is a confrontation through an abstract, pliable sculpture which showcases the barriers the society erects towards minorities. Referencing a theory and a personal speculation of how people will eventually evolve to merge into one single sex, the aim was to raise awareness outside the community and tackle equality disambiguation The sound is significant, be it a compilation of records of non-surgical methods and instructions indicating how to ‘bend’ the vocal cords through a set of phonetic exercises. Alongside, in presence, is the distinctive beep sound on the particular frequency, allowed to be used only upon emergent events by the president of the USA.

"My Intersex" featured on the Camberwell Short Film Festival 2018